GORR November 2011

GORR November 2011

More of a report so far really as for the last two weeks I've been in America doing concerts with Jon, driving up and down freeways, playing in the snow, weathering freak storms, meeting up with old friends and working hard at my diet!....(which I am pleased to say, seems to be working slowly as I've already moved up a notch on my belt and my original stage trousers now fall down so have been ditched for a smaller pair....still a long way to go, but these promising little victories have certainly made me feel a lot better in myself).

The shows have been fantastic. So much fun and wonderful audiences. Can't ask for any more than that. I've enjoyed the drives between towns as well and on the odd evening off have been working on three different books. (I set out working on one, and it's turned into three, which I alternate working on and am enjoying immensely as hotel rooms drive me crazy.

The reviews have been really good and Jon and I are already getting more offers to perform later next year and in 2013 as well.

When we get tom Canada, I have meetings there with the agent and promoter who put on Return to the Centre of the Earth there a couple of years or so ago, as they would like to do the new extended version of Journey to the Centre of the Earth, hopefully next year.

Talking of Journey, the planned performance in Suffolk for the end of May is looking more promising by the day and by the December GORR, all should be settled.

Also, whilst in South America in December, I will be talking with the promoter about doing Journey there as well in 2012. It's a great shame that no agents or promoters are remotely interested in this for America. The USA always used to be the greatest place to put this kind of event on, but without record company support, a big sponsor and an agent / promoter who understands what it's all about, there's no hope really.
As regards shows in December leading up to Xmas. Because the schedule is so tight, it's been decided to move Southend to next year as well, which means that the only two shows over the Xmas period will be Worthing and the Granary in Beccles.

It's always interesting as the year comes to a close, that most of the things currently being talked about are for next year and even 2013, which is somewhat bewildering, but that's the way it goes.
There is no doubt that if even half of what's planned happens next year, then it will be really diverse, fun and very interesting. There must be at least a dozen different things on the table at this juncture for next year, some admittedly only have a small chance of reaching fruition, but I've learned over the years, that more often or not, it's the least likely ones that suddenly jump to the top of the pile....and happen!

That's it for now....as part of my weight losing exercise routine, I'm walking to soundcheck...(about a mile and a half) and then back again. Not much I know...but every little bit counts!!!!

PS....advance warning for those in the UK........watch out for the Jasper Carrot Xmas Special called One Jasper.......a certain keyboard player makes an appearance with a band called The Old Farts and wearing a brand new cape!

P.S. I case anyone thinks life on the road is glamorous, here's a couple of shots from backstage on the current USA tour. Dressing rooms don't get better than this!

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