GORR December 2013

GORR December 2013

Well Christmas is almost upon us and like everybody I’m attempting to “clear my desk” before trying to relax over the festive period....I won’t succeed, but it’s worth a try!

Just to tidy up a few bits of November, the Classic Rock Awards at the Roundhouse were fabulous with well deserved winners. It was great to see Black Sabbath pick up 2 main awards. Very well deserved. It’s also nice to bump into so many friends that you only get to see at these kind of ceremonies.

Also at the end of the month I took part in a 1970’s themed edition of Celebrity Pointless. Last time I was on the programme I reached the “head to head” with Nicholas Parsons as my partner, and we got knocked out sadly................and this time, with Roy Wood as my partner we reached.............well, you’ll just have to wait and see when it’s aired in February.

As for December, I went to see Alfie Boe at the Royal Festival Hall and he was fabulous. I also supported our local Feline Care Centre at their Christmas bazaar which was wonderful fun. I attended both of these with my great friend Ian Lavender, who is also about to become a Water Rat, and talking of Water Rats, I was absolutely bowled over to discover at the announcement of officers for 2014 for the Grand Order of Water Rats, that I had been elected King. It’s such an honour when you look back over the years at some of the greats who have held this office. I suppose some lesser mortal was always going to get the honour one day, and it looks like it’s me!

I have already attended the Pride of Essex Awards which was a beautiful and moving evening and which really put life into perspective. It’s worth checking their website out.

On the 16th I will be live on Simon Mayo’s Radio 2 show sometime between 5 and 7 and playing the piano as well. I have done this for a few years at Xmas and it’s great fun.

The following day I’m live on Richard Bacon’s Radio 5 show at around 2.15. I’m looking forward to that as well.

Then it’s a long round of present delivering to kids and grandkids and finishing off the Xmas shopping, but not before I’ve prepared my New Year’s Resolutions and forecasts for 2014.

The resolutions I will now impart, but the forecasts will be much broader and appear as the January GORR Almanac!

So my thoughts, views and resolutions for 2014 are as follows.

Having signed a new publishing deal with Imagem, there are already plans afoot for getting very busy both with compositions new and old. One major thing which I know will make quite a few people happy, is at last being able to produce sheet music, both in hard copy and also to download. Hopefully the first batch should be available by Easter and then it will flow through on a regular basis.

Also with a lot of existing product being signed to Cherry Red Records, that will be re-mastered and with new information on the sleeves and re-packaged and will come out during the year. We understand that OUT THERE will be the first release and will come out in lots of territories around the world.

Also Journey to the Centre of the Earth, the Abbey Road recording, will be coming out hopefully by the end of January, but February at the latest and one of the releases will be that of a box set which will include Return to the Centre of the Earth.

I have a trip to Israel planned for January, details of which will appear on the website as soon as we have the final details, and also in February a concert in Naples...again, we are awaiting details.

Recording of a library music album starts in January and also some podcasts with Susie Dent of Countdown fame.

I have 3 projects to get started on throughout the year that will see fruition in 2015 plus there are tours planned for Journey in America and South America for the end of the year.

Piano shows are also planned for Australia and Japan.

I have been informed that more Watchdog filming  will be happening for next year plus it’s also the year that I am due to become Worshipful Master of the Chelsea Lodge which is the big entertainer’s lodge and along with other lodges does amazing charity work.

A big resolution is to try and dump as much weight as possible and also keep it off, which is always hard. They say your metabolism gets slower as you get older....well I reckon mine’s stopped!

The Journey shows for next year in the UK are doing really well with almost half the tickets already sold and some shows virtually sold out already so everyone is looking forward to them greatly.

All in all I feel really positive for 2014. Lots of music, lots of other stuff and very very busy from start to finish. Just the sort of roller coaster I like.

So that pretty much wraps up 2103, which was very much a year of preparing for 2014 in many ways, so here’s hoping it pans out as we all hope. I can only thank you all again for the wonderful support and energy you give. Without it, nothing is possible.

And finally....a huge thank you to my dear friend Wayne, who tirelessly works wonders with the RWCC website of which I am so proud.

A very merry Xmas and fabulously healthy New Year to you all.



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