GORR August 2011

GORR August 2011

Would you believe that we’re still trying to get the whole A&M deal finalised, but I am continually being told that we’re almost there, so my patience continues.

I am also expecting the contract through any day now as well for the Jon and Rick tour of America.

In fact I am waiting on answers on a lot of things......hence the expression “trying to get blood out of a stone” keeps springing to mind!

However, it wasn’t total exasperation in July as I spent a great day on the south coast of England filming another “Rick’s Rant” for Watchdog. Can’t tell you what it was about, but it’s a real consumer “goodie”!

I had the pleasure of joining The Strawbs for three pieces at Abbeyfest, which was held in the Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds. This event looks like being an annual one, and in such beautiful settings too. If you like intimate festivals of around 4,000 people, then don’t miss next year. This year artistes included Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, (who were fabulous), The Strawbs, Lulu, Roger Chapman (voice as great as ever), and I reckon the festival will grow next year.

With Erik Jordan in control at the mixing desk, we returned to the Granary to record the final session of piano music and now the three albums are completed. It’s possible they will be released in time for Xmas.
I’ll throw in a family related one now...My daughter Jemma gave birth to Melody giving me my sixth grand-child!

Into August now, and I deliberately waited a few days before doing the GORR as I wanted to report on the golf day at Burhill that I do for Sparks each year with the money going to a research unit at Gt Ormond St.

With the recession biting hard, I set my target this year at £30,000 which I hoped was realistically possible, nut was stunned at close of play on Friday 5th August to be told we’d raised £45,000.

Many thanks to my great friends who turned up who included Steve Coppell, Erik Sykes, Tom Brooke-Taylor,  John Virgo, Pat Pocock, Jess Conrad, Ed Stewart & Bobby Davro to name but a few.

As for my round, well, I played abysmally, which was a slight improvement on last year!

August is very much a preparation month. I am doing a pilot show for a new television programme involving food and music. If the commissioning goes through, then with a bit of luck I’ll be hosting the series.

I also have a meeting regarding a full on production of Journey to the Centre of the Earth in the UK next year, which is looking extremely likely now with three different options on the table.

There’s also a meeting as regards a television special which involves myself, some very intriguing friends and a ridiculously fast boat.

Another Rick’s Rant for Watchdog is currently pencilled in for the end of the month too, so it’s a real mixture.

As regards concerts, well, nothing this month, but coming up for the rest of the year we have the following shows planned which will appear on the site once they’re confirmed. Please don’t email about them, I will get them on the main site as soon as I can.


Tues 13th - Isle of Wight
Sun 18th - Birmingham Town Hall
Fri 23rd - Norwich Cathedral Salvation Army...(hosting)
Sun 25th - Hull Truck Theatre
Tues 27th - Weston-Super-Mare
Fri…30th - Truro solo show JH


Sat 1st - Bury St Edmunds
Sat 8th - Tunbridge Wells
Mon 10th - Slovakia Piano Concert
Wed 12th - Slovakia Piano Concert
Wed 19th - Milwaukee Jon and Rick
Thurs 20th - Merilville  Jon and Rick
Sat 22nd - Munhail   Jon & Rick
Sun 23rd - Washington Jon & Rick
Wed 26th - Buffalo   Jon & Rick
Thurs 27th - Albany    Jon & Rick
Sat 29th - Atlantic City   Jon & Rick
Sun 30th - Philadelphia    Jon & Rick


Tues 1st - Concord   Jon & Rick
Wed 2nd - Tarrytown    Jon & Rick
Fri 4th - Red Bank   Jon & Rick
Sat 5th - Montclair    Jon & Rick
Sun 6th - Westbury     Jon & Rick
Tues 8th - Worcester   Jon & Rick
Thurs 10th - Quebec    Jon & Rick
Sat 12th - Montreal     Jon & Rick
Fri 25th - Piano & Orchestra concert San Paolo
Sun 27th - Piano & Orchestra concert Buenos Aires.
Tues 29th - Piano & Orchestra concert Rosario


Thurs 1st - Piano & Orchestra concert Cordoba.
Sat 3rd - Piano & Orchestra concert Santiago
Mon 5th - Piano & Orchestra concert Lima
Thurs 8th - Durham Cathedral (withTim Rice).
Fri 9th - Old Granary Xmas Concert
Sat 10th - Southend Xmas Show.
Tues 13th - Indigo Xmas Show
Sat 17th - Worthing Xmas

Finally...my usual moan.....and it’s yet another free sharing site that has literally every single one of my tracks available for free downloading. I so hate these people. Where do they think the income comes from to make new product? I could have easily managed to have put on both Journey and Arthur again now if my royalty income hadn’t been decimated by horrendous, nasty evil people like the one I have just mentioned. The standard of music is dropping by the year which means that the future for people today is grim. I can’t exactly see people in 40 years time sitting round the Xmas tree “rapping”, but there you go. The government don’t care, the police and authorities don’t care and so the theft goes on and on.

Moan over......have a great month!....Rick

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