GORR July 2020

GORR July 2020

I'm hoping, as I write this, that we are possibly seeing the beginning of the lifting of the severe restrictions that have so damaged the music industry and indeed every part of the entertainment industry. I do not know any musician, actor, producer, director, theatre, venue or studio that has not suffered, and the reality is that many will not survive, which is heart-breaking. The truth of the matter is, until there is a vaccine, live concerts as we all know and love them are simply not going to happen unless there is a miracle with some sort of herd immunity.

Having said all that, we are pressing ahead with the hope that the Xmas tour will go ahead. Kilimanjaro and my management seem confident and it is coming up to 6 months away and a lot can happen in 6 months!

We are also planning very hard for next year. Lots of dates being provisionally booked for prog concerts in the UK and hopefully around Europe plus a US piano tour and some South American keyboard shows, plus orchestral shows in Europe, so a lot potentially happening.

I also have some plans for some special charity concerts that I was hoping to do this year but which the pandemic called a halt to. We can't fix dates yet until we know the status of theatres and venues for next year, but they will happen for sure.

June, like the previous few months, has been very strange although the bright spot has been being able to sit at the piano for long periods and it has been very inspirational as regards writing music and I have accumulated quite a lot already to sift through when the time is right.

I also had a call from my mate Fuzz Townshend, formerly of The Beat and co-host of Car SOS, who was part of a group of guys making fun cover videos for the internet with all monies earned going to "Help Musicians UK", who asked if I would plonk some piano on Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll.......which I happily did using son Adam, recording and filming for me at the piano. You can see it here with my effort included... A great and much needed cause if you fancy contributing.

July will see a load of interviews being done which I really enjoy. I get to talk to new journalists and also re-connect with old friends.....they are all to help promote The Red Planet around the world which I am keen to do as if the album does okay, then it could well mean, (that apart from Starmus next year in Armenia), there could well be some dedicated Red Planet concerts.

I am looking forward greatly to the time when I can fill a few pages with the monthly GORR and fingers crossed, that's not too far away… in the meantime… enjoy whatever it is you are doing during the lockdown… stay safe and well... you are all loved and needed on this planet.

Cheers Rick

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