GORR February 2013

GORR February 2013

Part One

I can only apologise for this very late GORR and indeed consider this as part one and part two it will be added very very soon  as more information comes in about the future events.

I was hoping to have had all the information about Gloucester by now and I am told all will be finalised by the end of this week and so in the meantime, I will fill you in with all that I know and all I expect to happen.

The weekend is that of the 15th and 16th of June and we will be performing with full orchestra, choir, band, singers, narrator, support acts and the kitchen sink from what I can gather as we feature, as well as the new version of Journey, The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table for the first time since 1975. I have written new music to go with the original Arthur music and that will take the performance to well over an hour and a quarter, probably closer to an hour and a half.

Orchestrations for the original score have been started by Guy Protheroe who will be working with me on the new material as well. The musical templates are almost completed for everybody to work to and so progress is tremendous and very exciting too for all concerned.

Moving on to Journey to the Centre of the Earth, there have been some very exciting developments and I wish I could write all about them now, but I can’t!!! Hopefully by the March GORR all can be revealed.

February is certainly a month of preparation. Lots of studio time with Erik, lots of meetings about future performances and recordings and potential film scores, so all in all it’s very hectic.

I am really pleased to be able to tell you that the Jon Lord BBC “Inside Out” documentary to celebrate his life is going to be a “special”. Normally each Inside Out segment is around 10 minutes or so, but the producers have decided to make it a half hour special which is so well deserved and is full of interesting facts that even the most ardent Jon Lord and Deep Purple fan wouldn’t know.

Many of you are aware that I am a member of The Grand Order of Water Rats and early in the month at the installation of the new King, (Jess Conrad), I had the honour of becoming Prince Rat.

The GOWR is the oldest entertainment order known and has a phenomenal history and does so much good work. If you have a few spare minutes, please check out their website.

Stay tuned for part two shortly!


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