GORR March 2019

GORR March 2019

Welcome to the March GORR and this is very much an update as to what is going to happen in the coming months .......but first I’m going to answer numerous enquiries as to why I cannot be at the Strawbs 50th anniversary in New York.

Without going into detail, there have been some close family health issues which have negated my being able to travel for the first half of this year. I talked about this with Dave Cousins back in January and as well as being completely understanding about the situation he was wonderfully supportive. The Strawbs were a big part of my life and I have followed everything they have done since my time with them and I genuinely would have loved to have been them with them all and renew friendships with the likes of Tony Visconti as well.

I’m not going to go in to any more details at present, so I would be grateful if what I have said answers any further questions.

As mentioned before, this month and indeed next month, will see a lot of preparation for a lot of upcoming events and this includes a very special birthday musical event over two days that will take place in July. The official announcement will be made on March 12th and there will be a pretty full announcement on this site on that date.

The original plan was to have celebrations around May 18th, which is officially my 70th birthday, (or so my parents always claimed), but because of circumstances mentioned earlier, we have moved everything back a couple of months, but it’s still my 70th birthday year and we are going to hopefully make the most of it!

I am also working on a very special piece of music for next year which involve my great friend and genius lyricist, Sir Tim Rice. We’re meeting again this month to keep everything on track.

I also have meetings this month to discuss a Xmas album project which will need to be recorded in August as it looks very much like I will be touring during the last four months of the year, all being well. If the album does happen then it will need to be recorded in August. The format of the album has yet to be determined, but one way or the other I am positive it will happen.

On Sunday 17th I will be at Burgh House in London for a fund-raising event for All Dogs Matter....

I’m joining Peter Egan and friends in support of Saving Suffering Strays, a charity that rescue and rehome Bosnian street dogs.
Tickets �15 including a complimentary glass of wine, available from All Dogs Matter: 020 8341 3196, please quote 'Burgh House'.
Peter has asked me to play a couple of pieces before the wonderful John Culshaw takes over so should be a fun night.

Sorry it’s such a short GORR, but hopefully when the updates start arriving you will understand why!

Enjoy Pancake Day!!!

Cheers, Rick

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